Managed Reconciliation Platform for Brands with
E-commerce Presence

Automate order-level payment reconciliation.
Detect Marketplace overcharges effortlessly and recover nearly 2% of GMV.
Save hours of work every month and close your books faster.

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Order Level Recon

Achieve flawless order-level reconciliation for all shipped orders with 100% accuracy. Obtain a comprehensive view of marketplace commissions, logistics fees, and other charges for each order. Capture the final status, indicating whether the order is delivered or returned, and whether it is paid or unpaid, ensuring a thorough and detailed overview.

Over Charge at Order Level

Detect overcharges at the order level effortlessly. Gain insights into leakages in shipping charges, commissions, and other fees. Establish rules based on marketplace rate cards to pinpoint exact overcharges, covering commission, logistics fees, and charges on returned orders.

Return Recon / Lost Return

Efficiently reconcile returns, monitoring their status as delivered, in transit, or lost. A substantial sum is often lost due to returns either getting lost in transit or falsely marked as delivered by the marketplace. Identify and control each instance of such occurrences to curb losses effectively.

End-to-End Claim Management

Recover almost 2% of GMV across Lost Returns, Warehouse Inventory, and Overcharged Orders through our comprehensive end-to-end claim management. Our process involves detection, escalation, and persistent follow-up with marketplaces until funds are successfully recovered.

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